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<td width=”133″ valign=”top”><img alt=”Rosa Canales Pérez” src=”érez.jpg” border=”1″ alt=”” width=”133″ height=”200″ /></td>
<td width=”347″ valign=”top”><p>Creator of the radio music series North of the Border, she is a retired educator who performs with husband, Joe, as the Mexican roots duo, Rumbo al’ Anacua.</p>

<h4>Contributed Article:</h4>
<li>Music of the Valley</li>

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<p>Website: <a title=”Rumbo al’ Anacua” href=””></a></p>

Norman Lee Richard He began teaching biology at Texas Southmost College in August of 1969, and later received the status of Professor Emeritus. His special concerns were always to maintain ecosystem integrity and protect the endangered species of the Rio Grande Delta.

Contributed Articles:

  • Resacas
  • Dunes of Clay
Seth Patterson A passionate naturalist and self-taught photographer, Seth Patterson has spent many years exploring and documenting the biodiversity of south Texas and northeastern Mexico. He presently works as a field photographer for Gorgas Science Foundation.

Contributed Articles:

  • The Animals
  • Invertebrates
  • Freshwater Fish
  • Marine Fish
  • Mexican Burrowing Toad
  • Black-spotted Newt
  • Texas Tortoise
  • Birds
  • Green Jay
  • Mammals
  • Javelina
  • Marine Mammals


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