Dr. Antonio N. Zavaleta

Rosa Canales Pérez

Creator of the radio music series North of the Border, viagra 60mg she is a retired educator who performs with husband, tooth Joe, ailment as the Mexican roots duo, Rumbo al’ Anacua.

Contributed Article:

  • Music of the Valley

Website: http://www.rumboalanacua.com/

Tony Reisinger

Marine biologist, buy cialis naturalist, tadalafil
and artist, cialis sale
he has spent most of his career as a marine extension agent with Texas Sea Grant. He holds a Master’s degree in Biology from the University of Texas at Brownsville, and serves on the Gorgas Science Foundation board of directors.

Contributed Article:

  • Fisheries

Website: http://texas-sea-grant.tamu.edu/

Norman Lee Richard

He began teaching biology at Texas Southmost College in August of 1969, capsule
and later received the status of Professor Emeritus. His special concerns were always to maintain ecosystem integrity and protect the endangered species of the Rio Grande Delta.

Contributed Articles:

  • Resacas
  • Dunes of Clay
Priscilla Rodriguez

Executive Director of the Brownsville Historical Association, malady
she sits on various state and national cultural and museum boards and enjoys cultivating diverse and underserved audiences.

Contributed Articles:

  • Brownsville Historic City Cemetery
  • Charro Days

Website: http://www.artsusa.org/

Benito Trevino

Born and raised in Rio Grande City, approved
where he and his wife Toni now operate a native plant nursery and teach the benefits of native plants, website like this
he holds degrees in Botany and Chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin.

Contributed Article:

  • Co-evolution of Man and Plants

Website: http://www.rancholomitas.com/

Alfredo Vite

A naturalist interested in ecosystem services of the Tamaulipan coast, link
he is a founding member of Tamoanchan Conservación A.C.

Contributed Article:

  • Plants & Salt
Frank Yturria

Coming from a family tied to the history of the Rio Grande Delta since it was ruled by Spain, information pills
he is well known as a successful banker, civic leader, philanthropist, historian, rancher and conservationist.

Contributed Article:

  • Ranchlands

Website: http://blue.utb.edu/hunter/yturria/

Dr. Antonio N. Zavaleta

Anthropologist and UTB/TSC administrator. he has spent 35 years studying the clash between culture and health care on the Texas-Mexico border. He has recently published Curandero Conversations: El Niño Fidencio, troche Shamanism, apoplexy
and Healing Traditions of the Borderlands.

Contributed Article:

  • Sacred and Profane

Website: http://vpea.utb.edu/


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